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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, after much time and frustration wasted I was referred to you by long time friend Betsy Fox Vance. I called and explained my problem and I was immediately transfered to Frank. He VERY patiently walked me through the steps to fix my issue and voila, PROBLEM SOLVED. Amazing customer service! I only wish I were a local, sure does beat the Salt Lake City store! I recommend Alpha Computer Center to everyone. For a faced paced, highly technical business, I sure do appreciate the home town personalized service I was given. Again, THANK YOU!


Kish Timothy

Over the past dozen or so years, I have purchased 3 MacBooks from Alpha Computer Center. The staff has handle each transition from the old computer to the new one with a great deal of personal care and attention, as well as professional attention to details. I had excellent phone followup many months afterward, and in one case well over a year. Their knowledge of Macs is outstanding. They have taken my old MacBooks on consignment and forwarded me a fair compensation each time. I highly recommend Alpha Computer.

Tim Mosher


Thanks once again! You guys are great and I'm glad you all have been here for me and my Macs way before Apple caught up and finally opened at store on this side of the mountains!


Jennifer Charpentier

These are really good people, that not only give back to their community but their country as well. They have been in business for 30 years so they must be doing a good job. I deal with them as much as I can even though I am in Canada. I truly believe in keeping as much as we can in North America (Canada and the US).

Barb Harkness


Great work Alpha Computer...Thanks!


Cam Hovley Gross

These are really good people, that not only give back to their community but their country as well. These guys are great! Fast, friendly & knowledgeable - just what you want when you need it! We're very fortunate to have them here in this area.

Trevor Irving


As usual I took my computer in for repairs and the treatment was excellent. I really can't say enough about this company.


Jon T Jeter

For all your computer needs.

Ben Shearer


Thank you for your help diagnosing the problem with my iMac! I thought that I had to go to Spokane to get help from the genius bar and am so thrilled to have such knowledgable folks here to help locally. You guys are awesome!


Patrick Dessert

Thanks to Warren and Frank Jr. and Adam and everyone at Alpha--it's a team kinda place--who helped me get back up and running with a new MacBook pro last week. I'm so glad to have local people who are so helpful, knowledgeable and friendly helping me with my computing life, which is practically indistinguishable from the rest of my life!

Brigit Farley


Thank you on working hard and trying to help me out with my computer. Really hoping to get it back today! These guys are very professional and actually willing to help unlike big crappy corporate BestBuy!


Randy B Hoopes

Very helpful and knowledgeable. Had exactly what i was looking for. They even told me they could restore part of my MacBook for free!

Brice Burdett


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